Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blog Roundup 8-1-06

CrimProfBlog links to an Indianapolis Star story on increased IV drug use among Indiana teens and to a USA Today story on the recent DOJ report on prison sexual abuse which found suspiciously lower numbers than expected. . . . Grits for Breakfast finds a Ventura County Reporter article on the political influence of California prison guards and their role in blocking serious prison policy reform there (h/t Sentencing Law and Policy). While you're there, drop in on their posts on the feds now facing lack of prison bedspace and on Colorado's possible turn to private prisons to deal with overcrowding. . . . The Real Cost of Prisons has a link to a good column by Neal Pearce on prosecutorial abuse. He reviews a book by Angela Davis that, among other things, call for bar associations to set up prosecutorial misconduct boards. A possible alternative to the ever-elusive "guidelines" for prosecutors that states have long since pretty much abandoned?

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