Monday, August 14, 2006

News of the Day 8-14-06

Just a couple of quick hits on a day other blogs already sucked up most of the news. Michigan Live has a good story up on the difficulties facing parolees looking for work and the counterproductive effects on our subsequent crime rates. Only 37% of parolees from the state Prisoner ReEntry Initiative from October 2005 through April this year had work at the end of April, mainly as laborers. And this is the proactive program. Lots of interesting, and depressing, thought to be had. And from the Grand Island Independent in NE we hear of a county jail owed over $200,000 by the state. Not unusual, you agree. But the county corrections guy now says he'll talk to prison types in CA and ID to fill space. Not NE, anymore, though. "They don't pay their bills," he says.

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