Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NJ Commission Newsletter

In Ben Baryln's latest sentencing newsletter, he says, "Through the web site, I've sought to track and capture all facets of sentencing at both the state and federal levels, including the enactment of sentencing provisions, case law developments, and relevant reports issued by government entities, academia, and other interested parties. . . . The key, as I see it, is persuade the three branches of government and, of no less importance, practitioners and the general public, that New Jersey need not reeinvent the wheel with respect to sentencing reform, and that such reforms, if implemented, will indeed yield tangible benefits."

He also lets us know that we can"let your readers know that they can 'subscribe' to the newsletter and e-mail distribution list by e-mailing me at" Now we have, Ben, and good luck. It's been very good to have someone with Ben's energy and talent leap into commissioning. If NJ doesn't get to guidelines, it won't be because of Ben.

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