Monday, September 18, 2006

Around the Blogs 09-18-06

Crime and Consequences points us to a Sunday Telegraph article we'd all like to write. It nails "indulgent" parents for their children's participation in crime. A study in New South Wales (that's in Australia) found almost 10% of children born in 1984 had been convicted of a crime by the age of 21 and hammers the parents and Dr. Spock for "creating generations of brats with a criminal bent.(!!)" I didn't know my family was from Australia. . . . Crim Prof Blog cites a new story on the Delancey Street restaurant project in the LA Times. A really good program that deserves this regular emphasis. . . . And this isn't a blog hit, but I didn't want to do a single News of the Day. Still, this story on how cocaine craving might be reduced by an epilepsy drug is worth your time. Remember that "technocorrections" post below???

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