Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Around the Blogs 9-12-06

Crim Prof Blog had a post which appeared by itself, then disappeared. Very spooky. I'm sure I didn't hallucinate its cite of an Urban Institute reentry study of males who did better if they had "a realistic--but positive--attitude, seek help from families, support groups and the city and find a job." . . . NIC's Community Corrections blog continues its good work with a cite of a study on the growth in women imprisonment (1977-2004) by the NY Women's Prison Association. The report demonstrates "the disparities among sentencing and treatment of women in different states," and the cite has good links to related items. . . . Community Corrections also connects us to a GPS World article on radio frequency identification (RFID) implants. It spells out RFID implementation problems and assures us that "In the meantime, an implantable GPS devise exists only in the realm of speculation." If the realm becomes reality, corrections and sentencing will undergo major changes, which commissions have been warned about but so far all have managed successfully to ignore. . . . Finally, not really from a blog, but the American Correctional Association's Corrections Today has an issue on leadership that we probably should have noted earlier. For my money, the article on planning correctional leadership succession was probably most valuable, but you may find a different favorite. So go.

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