Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Around the Blogs 9-19-06

Both Crim Prof Blog and Doug Berman found this CA story on the "clock ticking on overcrowding" in CA. Along with all the other problems there, looks like we may be getting into 8th Amendment "cruel and unusual punishment" issues. Good discussion of the intractable politics we've called the "Gordian Knot" that forms our "California Challenge." Haven't heard anyone come up with better for that situation than what we've put up here. Still waiting. . . . Talk Left refers us to an FBI report that marijuana arrests reached an all-time high (!) in 2005 and that 42.5% of all drug arrests were for the drug (with 88% charged only with possession). Draw your own conclusions about triaging of scarce (about to be scarcer) resources. . . . And from Prevention Works, the blog of the National Crime Prevention Council, we are reminded that October is the 18th observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You'll also find a nice link to their foremost publication on the topic plus the national hotline number for anyone you know who might need it. . . oh, hell with that--1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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