Monday, September 25, 2006

Comments and Links to the Right

As we do begin to get comments and conversation going on at least some of our posts, we want to publicly think those who are participating and invite the rest of you again to do so. If we aren’t posting things of value or that need discussion, then send us things that do. Our primary reason for starting this blog was to foster exchange about the connections between corrections and sentencing among those who are engaged in them. Kim and I talk to ourselves regularly as it is . . . didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean. I’m just saying that this isn’t worth doing without you.

Along that line, and following the new material we’ve put up on reentry, we thought we’d remind you of the other stuff there on the right, especially if you’re new to the site. Besides the Links linking you to links, you’ll find under Articles and Commentary, along with the reentry material, info on “What Works” and recidivism, principles of drug abuse treatment, criteria for effective advisory guidelines systems, and Ben Barlyn’s excellent defense of sentencing commissions in NJ. Under Research/Reports, we link you to evaluatons, government (US, state, foreign (!)) research agencies, other sentencing blogs, and regular state news. And the Agencies and Organizations link will get you to all the major sources we could think of and some we couldn’t.

If you know other links we should make, please let us know. We’re from the government and we’re here to help. We’d like this site to be your first thought when needing info on corrections sentencing topics. As the new Bartles & Jaynes, “we appreciate your support.”

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