Wednesday, September 06, 2006

News of the Day 9-06-06

Boomer-dominated news today. AZ is seeing "unprecedented" increases in drug deaths among Baby Boom age folks, attributed to rises in both prescription drug abuse and illegal drug use. The most frequent age of drug death in the 1970 was 22, 1980 31, 1990 37, 1995 43, now late 40s. Let's wait for someone to suggest this as the solution for the Social Security underfunding. . . . Less directly attributable to Boomers but come on, we know who they're talking about and the irony of pot and environmentalism in the same story. Seems pot growers in national parks have been terracing land that shouldn't have been, dumping fertilizers and pesticides, and threatening endangered species. If anything will start a Boomer civil war. . . . (Sorry for the flippancy today, but sometimes the world just is too stupid to keep up the proper level of seriousness.)

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