Wednesday, September 13, 2006

News of the Day 9-13-06


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The article in question deals with the interest of the VA State Crime Commission in the data (actually, lack thereof) on the effectiveness of castration (which comes in your choice of surgical or chemical) in preventing new sex crimes by sex offenders. A proposed bill this year gave offenders the choice between that and civil commitment but was delayed pending the commission's study. Commitment is expensive in comparison, so it's really a budget matter, really, really, and offenders who opt for the castration will be doing their part, even if there is the threat of commitment as an incentive. Right now, however, the necessary research and data aren't there to back the bill definitively yet. Imagine that. Good thing that situation's rare. (Let's hope this "let's find out if research backs this idea" concept catches on around the country.) . . . Now that I've written 3 times as much on a given story as usual (the topic wasn't really an inspiration), a couple of quick stories on drugs from Reuters Health. One is a report on a study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showing how an IA drug prevention program for sixth-graders does seem to work in reducing later meth use. And let's get the attention of the VA Crime Commission if they want to move from controversial topics--U of CA-San Fran professors have shown that marijuana use by recovering drug addicts infected with hepatitis C may help them stick with their treatment program better, despite the sometimes dramatic side effects (of the hepatitis treatment, not the grass). The study does come from you-know-where, though, so toke it for what it's worth. . . (very, very sorry for that).

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