Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quick Notes

A couple of quickies while you get over your shyness in responding to my challenge to solve all of CA's corrections/sentencing problems. We ended up having problems with one of our links to the NJ website in a lower post, so, if you're having problems with it (or any of our links), please let us know through our contact link next door. . . . Also, let's welcome Adam Gelb back to the corrections and sentencing world (he may not have actually left but I haven't talked to him for a while). Adam's going to be working with the Pew initiative on sentencing and corrections. If you don't know Adam, he's one of the brightest and most energetic minds in the field, having worked in both MD and GA. Hopefully he'll give us some things to post occasionally. It'll be good to have The Force with us again. (Enough updates--get started on the CA Challenge!!)

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