Monday, October 09, 2006

Around the Blogs 10-09-06

Things that make your head hum. Yes, about CA's Gordian Knot prison policy. Real Cost of Prisons highlights a series of stories, one about how CA simply has to start releasing inmates now, no two ways about it, and should start with elderly ones. But also stories about private prison stock rising after the gov's "emergency" declaration and the states welcoming the inmates with open arms. I get so confused. . . . Want to know why policymakers have a hard time with judges, to the point of doing guidelines sometimes? Check out this Judging Crimes post on a particularly memorable CT judge. . . . Grits for Breakfast drums up an interesting response to the TX reforms it proposed a few days back. . . . And Prevention Works has a good post on that reentry program in Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Chicago we mentioned last week. The study results really should have an impact. We'll keep on it and let you know.

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