Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to Do a Commission Meeting

Ben Barlyn sent us a notice for the next NJ commission meeting. You could do a lot worse than to follow this model if you ever get the chance yourself.

Dear Commission Members and Affiliates:
Please find attached in Adobe PDF format the latest Electronic Newsletter. Highlights include the following :
New Jersey Appellate Division Affirms Limited Retroactivity of Apprendi Claims
Links to News Stories Concerning New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission
Link to Article by Professor Douglas Berman and Professor Stephanos Bibas About Major Sentencing Case, Cunningham vs. California
Link to Major Recidivism Report From Connecticut Department of Corrections

As always, the commission's web site, http://www.sentencing.nj.gov/ , has been updated with material contained in this month's newsletter. Please note that a new link to a valuable on-line resource has been added to the "Resource" page: Social Science Research Network: Corrections and Sentencing Law and Policy AbstractsCorrections and Sentencing Law and Policy Abstracts provides a forum for works-in-progress, abstracts, and completed articles dealing with the broad range of doctrinal, theoretical, and policy issues relating to the punishment, sentencing, and re-entry of convicted criminal offenders. Topics include (but are not limited to) prison and jail conditions and life; prisoners' rights; probation, parole, and re-entry; prison and jail administration; imprisonment and diversionary sentencing, and the death penalty. http://www.ssrn.com/update/lsn/lsn_corrections-sentencing-law-policy.html

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