Tuesday, October 03, 2006

JRSA's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Center

Been meaning to link to this and finally got two synapses together. The Justice Research and Statistics Association [disclaimer: they've employed me not once, but twice] has put up an NIJ-funded website on domestic violence and sexual assault. As they describe it, this resource center will provide "information on how data are collected and used in the states" and "seeks to identify the types of information currently being captured by state and local agencies." This link will get you to a full description of the resources available. If you've never toured the JRSA site, you should. They have a variety of centers and sites like this that can save you a lot of time looking for research, data, and info as well as getting you basic material on fundamentals like evaluation and projects. Click on the e-mail address and ask Lisa if she's had her Diet Dr. Pepper for the day.

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