Tuesday, October 10, 2006

News of the Day 10-10-06

The Arizona Republic has a really nice article on an AZ restorative justice prison program being piloted, Impact of Crime on Victims, that forces offenders to have to deal with their victims face on. The story is good on the concept and on the individuals involved. My experience with victims groups, in policy and as a board member of one, has been that some are interested in tv cameras and some are interested in ridding the world of victimization and easing the world of those who have been victimized. Neither group speaks for the other, no matter the claims. If you want to know what's possible from the less ego-driven side, this article will help you a lot (h/t Crim Prof Blog). . . . Science Daily alerts us to a joint US-Italian study linking stress to alcoholism relapse. This isn't news, but the finding that particular cell receptors are associated with greater propensity is another sign that genetic mechanisms are at work, mechanisms that might be treated by drug or genetic therapy. Of course, they found this out by shocking rat feet. While this might apply to some humans, it may be more likely to cure fraternity guys than offenders. I'll be interested in seeing the first grant proposal. In the meantime, all together now--"TECHNOCORRECTIONS!!!!"

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