Friday, January 12, 2007

Around the Blogs, Friday, January 12, 2007

One of the stranger "squeezes on the toothpaste tube" I've run across, from Talk Left. Seems that asparagus growers in this country are getting zapped by our war on drugs. No, please don't think that people are so bad they're snorting asparagus tips now. It's just that the veggie is one of the things recommended as a substitute for coca growth to Peruvian farmers and, to encourage markets for their crops, we've waived the tariffs that had protected growers here. No really profound message here, just thought you might be interested in one more unpredictable place that can pop up when you press down way over there on something. . . . A couple of days back I mentioned the new CO corr sent blog, Think Outside the Cage. They've got two nice posts up right now on the increasingly desperate situation they're facing there. One scarily details the "fiscal train wreck" of spending and taxing limits and unceasing correctional growth and the other accounts the new governor's refreshingly informed plan to address it after years of silliness by the previous governor. Notably, however, the governor apparently made no mention of support for a sentencing commission there. Still, when your top policy maker specifically pledges to move toward reentry and ending recidivism, you're in much better shape. We're sure the blog will keep us informed. . . . One Republican getting early play as the party's possible nominee for Pres in 2008 is Mike Huckabee, AR (Arkansas, not Arizona) governor. He's got a new book out, mentioned here by Governing's 13th Floor, and it's got a couple of interesting chapters. In one, he says we have to stop our "revenge-based criminal justice system." That's new and encouraging and I love the issue framing. But then he also says we have to stop "robbing the taxpayers." Well, as a long-time fiscal conservative, I'm all for that, too, and I see the waste of dollars on ineffective and counterproductive crim just taking dollars from the parts that are more effective and productive. If that's what he's talking about, then he'll be a great change from what we've had before. But if it's the same old "can't tax for anything, good or bad" rhetoric, then his chances of reforming the cj system will die on the vine. I'll look for the reviews when they come out and follow up. . . . Finally, I really like what Prevention Works is doing more and more frequently, using its blog space not just to keep us up with reports and news on prevention issues but also to educate us on how to do real prevention and link us to resources that will do even more. This post deals with workplace shootings and tells us what we need to know and look for. While you're there, check out the posts on other recent topics. You owe it to yourself to give regular visits.

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