Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Around the Blogs, Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Will this turn the tide on effective corrections sentencing policymaking? Ted Koppel spending a night in the CA big house? Didn't work with Martha, but then she didn't get to just walk out when she got a little tired of it. (Via Governing's 13th Floor--and it looks like Governing will do a special story on the CA crisis in March). / / / / Interesting post on meth making and mess making and the signs that they are happening, from Prevention Works. / / / / Thanks to Grits for Breakfast, we discover a good new blog on the corrections and sentencing problems in CO, Think Outside the Cage. Worth checking into, especially since the state does seem to have things setting up to make some real progress in the next year or two. If they do just half for CO that Grits does for TX, this will be a valuable addition. / / / / The court performance measurement blog, Made2Measure, has a really good piece up on the need for and difficulties of linking performance measures to actual policy/program goals and objectives that has obvious application for corrections sentencing. / / / / Finally, from CrimProf Blog we get this notice of a new SSRN article on "The Scarlet Gene: Behaviorial Genetics, Criminal Law, and Racial and Ethnic Stigma." The article really deals more with the possible abuse of minorities via the new technologies, but the implications are clear for us here. You know the word: TECHNOCORRECTIONS.


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