Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If You're Not Part of the Solution, . . .

Actually, I hate that cliche and all the bumper stickers that trail it, but sometimes, you know, even bromides seem to fit. This article will point you to some Repubs in CA attaching themselves firmly and irrevocably to the past and disaster. I say "some" Repubs because I know solid, traditional conservative policymakers in several states who have taken the lead in asserting sense and rationality in future spending and are tired of "throwing money at problems" in corrections sentencing. It looks like the state's Repub Gov can be counted in that group and I bet there are Repub legislators there in CA weary of throwing good money after bad just like they normally accuse the Democrats. The profligate and evidence-challenged Repubs quoted in this article blast the recent Little Hoover Commission report calling out policymakers just like them for talking the talk but not even crawling the walk. One of these guys thinks the state can actually operate an "oversight committee" ("bipartisan" no less) for FEDERAL COURTS. The Confederacy really would have loved to have them back then. I especially liked how one of them asserted that the Commission's proposed sentencing commission would be policymakers "abdicating" their responsibility to an "unelected, unaccountable" body. You know, like that well-known unconstitutional body, the FED, another nice example of a hot-potato issue and an agency created to handle it when policymakers proved incapable of measuring up to the responsibilities that these "spokepeople" claim. Here are the scariest words of all from these "responsibles": "It's time to step up and say, 'We'll deal with it the best we can.'"

If you have friends who live in CA, . . . pray.

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