Thursday, January 11, 2007

Interactive Reentry Housing

Via NIC's Corrections Community, we learn of a really cool tool done by the Council of State Governments with funding from BJA to "to help users learn more about different re-entry housing options available for people released from prison or jail. The chart compares housing types on several dimensions including potential funding sources, level of availability in the community, typical length of stay, and potential barriers to accessing a particular option. It also offers descriptions of programs that have successfully housed individuals returning to the community from prison or jail, and provides links to the programs' websites when available."

What is the need? "Ensuring that people released from prison and jail find appropriate places to live is critical to public safety and healthy families and communities. People who do not find stable housing in the community are more likely to recidivate than those who do. One study, conducted by the Georgia Department of Corrections in 2003, determined that, with each move after release from prison, a person's likelihood of rearrest increased by 25 percent. However, finding viable housing placements for these individuals is a daunting task. This chart attempts to help policymakers, corrections administrators, and transition planners to understand the housing options available in the community and develop feasible housing plans for individuals involved in the criminal justice system."

To view this interactive chart, visit:

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