Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Making Sure We Don't Miss Them

A regular reader here has sent along a couple of reminders of things other regular readers should be sure to catch before they're disappeared. One is the Slate article on Chief Justice Rehnquist and the peculiar world in which we live where guys end up in prison for life for things he did while deciding the cases that determine our nation's life. And he also wants to be sure that people catch "The Wire" on HBO or DVD. His take and interest? It has greatly fortified my preexisting views on the "war on drugs." The drama's intimate depiction of Baltimore 's drug trade from all conceivable angles has the genuine ring of authenticity. As a result, it underscores perhaps in the most compelling and accessible terms the futility of prohibition -- much more so than the more pedantic film "Traffic." I'd be curious if the readers of your blog share this perspective.


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