Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tag, I'm It

As I mentioned a couple of days back, I got tagged by Grits to do a "Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me" post. His were interesting. I'm not promising anything about mine, but here goes. (Why are the junior high insecurities coming back about now?)

I have 56 books on Lincoln, 16 on Franklin, and 7 on King. And all the Koufax cards in his '55-'66 career except the '57 and the '65. And the '59, '60, and '61 "Bob" Clemente cards.

Theatre (as those of us in the trade spell it)
Was once active in community theater and arts councils on state and local level, acting in or directing several plays, seeing 7 plays I've written produced.

Late-born musician
Like Grits, I've been toying with instruments (that didn't sound that bad in my head). Taken on the tin whistle and the harmonica. Got a couple dozen songs I can play. Not ready for the sidewalk yet, but I now have hope for a second career once this whole corrections sentencing thing blows up on me once and for all.

Been married 32 years. To the same woman. Consecutively. And envying Grits for the grandbaby diaper changing. (And, yes, we marry very, very young in OK.)

I've seen the places where Michael Collins died securing his nation's history and where MLK died trying to secure his nation's ideals. I'll be thinking of them and all the others like them (Lincoln, Bonhoeffer, Parks, Tecumseh, and one day soon Mandela and others) who understood the fundamental oneness of human nature and the importance of putting down its arrogance and hubris. All lessons for those of us who make criminal justice and corrections sentencing our home.

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