Saturday, April 28, 2007

Latest Report on SAC Analyses

You may remember that from time to time I talk about work done by state Statistical Analysis Centers, the repositories and distributors of important criminal justice data and research which are coordinated by my old employers (they're not that old, really) at the Justice Research and Statistics Association. Well, JRSA has just put out its latest compendium of SAC research and sent along to us this notice which we will pass along here. We used to talk about the "underground libraries" that each state had of its own independent analyses that, if people knew about them, would add tons to our knowledge of crim just policy. JRSA does a great job in bringing all the SAC "underground" work to us so stop by sometime and see what you find. I'll bet you finding something good.

The latest issue of the SAC Publication Digest is now available on the Web site of the Justice Research and Statistics Association. This Digest contains abstracts of state Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) reports published July-December 2006, including reports produced for the SACs by outside authors or organizations. The SACs are state agencies that collect, analyze, and disseminate justice data, and these reports cover a wide array of topics and analysis approaches for criminal justice data at the state level.

To view this issue of the SAC Publication Digest, go to and choose Digest #5 from the drop-down menu. You can also search this and previous Digests by keyword.

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