Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May Newsletter Available And Blog Plug

The latest edition of the New Jersey Sentencing Commission's monthly newsletter can now be accessed here. Speaking of plugs, do yourself an enormous favor and check out Joel Jacobsen's fantastic blog, Judging Crimes. Joel, an appellate prosecutor (my old vocation) in New Mexico, is a genuine polemicist in the finest sense who writes with rapier-sharp wit and gut-busting humor. This dead-on observation from a recent post had me rolling:

There are few substantive differences between American law schools, U.S. News standings notwithstanding. (The idea that reading a torts casebook within the moneyed walls of Yale imparts greater wisdom than reading the same casebook in the hallowed barns of the University of Northern South Dakota at Hoople is a fantasy cherished by those engaged in hocking their future to pay Ivy League student loans, for obvious reasons – the weird thing is that it's cherished by those at UNSDH, too.)

True dat, Joel. True dat. Great stuff.

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Omaha Corrections Guy said...

I have to say...I'm very impressed with the content on this blog - so much so that I decided to link to you.

I need to look into getting more than one person to update my various blogs. It looks like it's working well here.