Friday, September 28, 2007

Latest NJ Sentencing Report

Press Release (

TRENTON - The New Jersey Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing (Commission) today issued the first comprehensive and independent examination of legislative changes relevant to sentencing of adult criminal offenders since the enactment of the Code of Criminal Justice (Code) in 1979.

Specifically, the report explains the sentencing system established by Legislature in 1979 as part of the then-newly enacted Code. In addition, the report discusses how subsequent and numerous statutory changes to the Code during the intervening 28 years have fundamentally altered that scheme in terms of both the amount of punishment authorized and the process by which sentences are imposed.

This is a very well-written and valuable report even if you're not in NJ. Very thorough and gives you a very good idea of what kind of effort this takes, for you state types considering doing this yourself. Need I remind you that Ben Barlyn is the author, and that he was all the staff that NJ had? In some ways, getting someone as committed and talented as Ben screws it up for everyone else because NJ and other states that asked them will decide that it only takes one person to do this kind of work and not commit the resources necessary to do it regularly and for the long haul. Need I remind you that Ben left the NJ commission after finishing this report? Leaving a trail of very good work at their site that can serve you as a model and hopefully extend his impact beyond the work he did for NJ.

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