Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Will Our Grandchildren Say?

I know this isn’t a global warming blog, but I do want to point out this item which again shows that the climate models showing the increase in temps and impacts coming have failed to adequately incorporate the positive [sic] feedback loops in that warming process. As a result, everything is happening faster than even the scary reports have been saying. Assuming that we address this rationally and head-on (cough, cough, choke, choke), there will be expenses associated with the transitions to alternative energy sources and the need to manage water resources better that will put even more substantial pressure on dollars that we’re arguing about for corr sent now. If we do what we’ve done with every other real problem out there and lived in fairy tale land with our heads up our . . . in the sand, the costs and remedies will be even more extreme. Al Gore says we have 10 years, but reality is saying it’s probably even less than that. This article basically says we’ve passed the real tipping point already, years before the models said we would. Personally, and I know this will shock you, I’m completely fatalistic about all this. It was clear almost 40 years ago when the first researchers started pointing out the obvious, but we preferred Morning in America to being grownups. We still do. Our grandkids are really gunna thank us for it, probably more than for what we created with similarly intelligent corrections sentencing policies, done by basically the same types of people with the same abilities to deal realistically with our future and our grandkids’.

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