Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh, No! Climate Change Again!@!?!

Won’t hit you with another long, depressing post. If you’re interested in what might be happening policy-wise in the next year before the election on this vital issue that will impact everything else policy-wise, this is a useful piece. But note that there’s a long section on the drastic effect it will have on our external security policies, but no one is apparently planning for what will happen as the costs are drummed into state and local budgets that are already beginning to strain in most states, even those without all the prison bed problems that most are having. Governors and mayors have, in fact, been better at being aware of all this to this point, but the issue of how we pay for even the status quo if the cost impact of global warming reaches predictions just isn’t there yet. We know from New Orleans and LA what those costs can be. How many more Katrina’s or wildfires or historic droughts will it take to get our attention?

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