Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Remember This When Voting

When I talk about Bush the Younger being better than Clinton was on corr sent issues, this is one of the areas I’m talking about, Doug Berman’s link to a NY Times op-ed supporting the “Second Chance Act,” which Bush has endorsed strongly. Whereas Clinton thumped his chest and pandered. Democrats are highly unlikely to do anything serious about corrections sentencing issues both for the “triangulating” reasons Clinton didn’t and because Clinton is still seen by most Dems as having been successful (that “never having won a majority of the vote” thing notwithstanding). Only Obama has said anything meaningful from the Dem side, and it’s not a front burner issue even with him. Doing what needs to be done in corr sent will most likely take a Republican pulling a “Nixon Goes to China” thing. Not seeing anything like that among the Republican presidential candidates (if anything, exactly the opposite now that Brownback is gone), but people worried about where we’re going with these concerns should keep all this in mind when voting in a year. Might not override other reasons for voting, but change will clearly have to come from someplace other than the bulk of these candidates.

[Thanks to Teri Carns, too, in AK (Alaska, not Arkansas) for tipping me to this op-ed as well.]

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