Friday, December 14, 2007

Am I the Only One

Who thinks maybe we should start tracking the impact of the recent US Supreme Court sentencing decisions on state actions regarding whether and what type of sentencing commission to have? Especially in the light of strong statements in the news media like this:

For two decades, the United States has pursued, prosecuted and sentenced cocaine offenders in a way that borders on insanity -- targeting petty criminals over serious drug dealers -- while fostering contempt, instead of respect, for the policies that have sent tens of thousands to jail. On Monday, the Supreme Court said enough was enough and empowered federal judges to reject sentencing guidelines rooted in hysteria and ignorance.

I know judges in MD and WI who will be waving this stuff high and hard the next time someone proposes toughening or restarting guidelines in those two respective states. I find it hard to believe they’d be the only ones (h/t Sentencing Law and Policy).

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