Friday, December 14, 2007

My Only Comment

On the not-illegal but just as cheating activities of professional baseball and this

"Roger Clemens adamantly, vehemently, and whatever other adjectives can be used, denies that he has ever used steroids or ... improper substances," Clemens' attorney, Rusty Hardin, said Thursday.

"He is really, really concerned and upset that he has been named in this report. It's based on the allegations, apparently, of a trainer that he's had in the past. ... That's not a standard someone should be held out in public to have done something as serious as using steroids in baseball."

is: Which will he do first, go off in a slathering tirade like he did from the mound in his last Boston playoff, spend two months before he’s able to do anything after deciding to (you know, to “get in shape”), or throw a broken bat head at Senator Mitchell? You know, normal, rational, non-‘roid behavior.

[For those who want a real pitching hero, there’s always this guy, who reminds people of their seventh-grade science teacher.]

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