Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Will Good Libertarians Do?

A long time ago I read an interview with a college-type libertarian that had one of the "gotchas" of all time. As one of the typical moral two-year-olds, this kid was going on and on with the usual Randian BS, especially about how people didn't need government interference, we could take care of ourselves, yada, yada, when the reporter asked him what he would do without Social Security to take care of his parents and he had to spend his precious untaxed dollars on taking care of him. His response was predictably horrifying, especially if you were his parents, but he clearly had never thought about the possibility that the "good old days" might be at hand and Mom and Dad might be there to gripe about his continuous toking. Just imagine the fear that would strike him upon hearing that India has now made neglect of parents a crime and that the precedent could be set for us, too. [Fifty cents to anyone who can give me the closest guess as to what the guidelines would be.]

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