Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 State Issues

Governing’s got its top state issues for 2008 out. Only one sentencing-related issue, the death penalty. Here are the others: illegal immigration, infrastructure repair, mortgage foreclosures, hospitals and health, gambling expansion, gay marriage, and water policy. If you’re looking at those and thinking, wait, dealing with those will mean resources coming from other places, well, I guess this list really does have corrections sentencing in it, after all.

Meanwhile, Stateline also has a recap of 2007 state issues and their implications for 2008. Some of the same things, although this piece is much more front and center on the problem of global warming and how the major leadership in this country is coming from the states. Again, however, with the exception of the death penalty and restoring offenders’ voting rights, not much here on corrections sentencing. This really is like shouting into a tornado, isn’t it? Yeah, MO’s succeeding and TX and KS have impressive justice reinvestment stuff going on. But for the most part, we keep knocking down these trees in the forest, as the rest of the Corrections Today articles here on evidence-based practice show, but nobody’s hearing so we must not exist. Not sure if 2008 will be a year worth pursuing this much more in. Such determined ignorance and acceptance of an untenable future really does make the shouting seem more and more pointless. Or is this mood just having O.D’ed on football yesterday? (Go Mizzou!!!)

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