Friday, January 11, 2008

Bittersweet But Good

Thanks to the Tom Joyner Foundation, Genarlow Wilson will go to Morehouse College. Let’s hope we haven’t warped him so much that he can’t get back on the track he was on before we put him in prison for 20 years for what’s now a misdemeanor. Good luck, Mr. Wilson.

Speaking of teens and DA abuse, Pam Clifton at Think Outside the Cage has a sorry but ultimately okay story of yet another case that should never have gone to trial . . . as this juror notes:

Juror Janet Hawkinson was disgusted that the case even went to trial.

"Why did this case come this far?" she said. "And why did our DA prosecute this case, spend tax dollars and take a child to trial who is an A-B student, in sports and spoken highly of?"

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