Friday, January 11, 2008

The Clinton Legacy

Jonathan Simon makes the case against Bill Clinton and corrections sentencing that we’ve argued here on a regular basis and in a much more impressive and authoritative way. Then he wants to know from Bill’s spouse and her chief opponent whether they support what he did and would try to reverse some of it. I think the asking of the questions answers them, of course, but it’s good to have it out there. I’ll also say again that it doesn’t matter what Obama’s personal positions are if he insists that everything he does has to be “bipartisan.” Compromise with folks who don’t compromise and have no reason to for their constituencies on this issue will reproduce another Bill Clinton presidency in corr sent policy. What global warming is for Republicans, effective criminal justice rather than mindless prison-jerking is for Democrats. (Would it really surprise you that I’m an Independent?) On corrections sentencing, whether you like hearing it or not, because of the “Nixon Goes to China” sort of effect it could have, the candidate with the most potential to move to a more reasonable understanding of corr sent right now appears to be Huckabee. Plus, Stephen Colbert would be Vice-President. A two-fer!!!

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