Monday, January 07, 2008

One More Time

The authority of the law is undermined when some are punished for behavior that it indistinguishable from that of others who go unpunished or even supported. Consider the plight of this poor anti-drinking advocate in MN (Minnesota, not Maine):

Binge drinking is as celebrated a campus tradition as homecoming. Need more? Take a look at the myriad commercials that make drinking a glamorous, if not a desired, lifestyle. Don't blink or you might miss the small-print "drink responsibly" message that appears for about a second at the end. It's a Miller High Life, indeed.

"We've created other bogeymen to go after, even though alcohol remains the most destructive substance-abuse force in this country," Cummings said. "We get tough on meth. We get tough on sex offenders. But we don't get tough on booze. And that's what is killing the kids."

Case in point: Cummings recently was asked to speak at Parents Night at a private high school in the Twin Cities. A seminar on meth awareness at the same school attracted 500 parents.

About 10 showed up to listen to Cummings and other speakers.

"Even the school officials were embarrassed," Cummings recalled.

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