Friday, February 01, 2008

Corrections Sentencing Blogroll

In my adios post yesterday, I promised to put up my usual sources as a blogroll for you to use to keep up with areas and topics that you used to come here for. Here it is. Be sure to look at all of them when you have time, just to see what they have to offer if you don't already know. And some of them will have their own blogrolls that can extend your searches. I hope you get as much from them as I have.

Corrections Sentencing Blogs
a public defender
BlackProf Blog
Crime and Consequences
Crime and Justice News
CrimProf Blog
EvidenceProf Blog
Gavel Grab
Governing Through Crime
Grits for Breakfast
Prevention Works
Sentencing Law and Policy
Sex Crimes Blog
Texas Prison Bidness
The Real Cost of Prisons
Think Outside the Cage

Cognitive Science Sites
All in the Mind
Mind Hacks
Neuroethics & Law
Psychology and Crime News
Science Blogs (Mind and Behavior)
Science Daily (Mind)

General Science and Health Sites
Health Central
Reuters Health
Science Daily
Scientific American

Other Discipline Sites
Climate Progress (well, what it sounds like)
Empirical Legal Studies (law)
Governing (state and local government)
Governing's Blog--the 13th Floor
Prawfsblawg (law)
The Agonist (econ)
The Monkey Cage (poli sci)
The Situationist (social psych)
Voir Dire (law and politics)

Research Report Sites
Justice Research and Statistics Association
National Center for State Courts
National Institute of Corrections
NCJRS Weekly Accessions
NIC Correctional Research Roundtable
Pew Trusts Corrections and Public Safety
Reentry Policy Council
The Sentencing Project
The Vera Institute of Justice
Washington State Institute for Public Policy

General and State Specific News Sites
BBC News
Boston Globe
Christian Science Monitor
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Reuters News
The Guardian
US News & World Report
USA Today