Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dropouts and Incarceration in TX

A kind reader has sent us news of a report out of the Friedman Foundation on the impact of dropouts on TX, and, surprise, they have a negative impact (or positive, I guess, depending on your point of view) on incarceration in a state already a bit bothered in that area. Here's the key point: Dropouts cost Texas taxpayers additional Medicaid costs of $321 million and additional incarceration costs of $12 million per year. The key implication is once again that failing to deal with our social infrastructures doesn't save us money but just delays and increases spending. Of course, if you read us regularly, you probably don't have to be told that. The full report is available in PDF, but I'm just linking to the press release in case you have issues with Adobe. You can get to the full report from the release. And please feel free yourself to send us things you feel would be of interest to the community here. Just hit the link on the right.

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