Tuesday, February 20, 2007

News and Blogs Together, Tuesday, February 20, 2007

  • Looks like the feds aren't real impressed with CA's latest proposals (a "concept paper" rather than a "plan"--BURN!!!) for dealing with their mentally ill in prison, right now 19% of the total population. Now what?
  • Real Cost of Prisons tips us to this Neal Peirce column comparing NY and CA in their prison "industries" and the better future the former is viewing.
  • Facial recognition becoming more "technically" possible, according to researchers. "Usefully" possible? Uh, not so sure about that one.
  • Philip Zimbardo has the first of a two-part post on the "situational sources of evil" recapping the old Milgram experiments on authority and the way "good" people give in to it. Nice overview for those unfamiliar with what happened and great reminder for those of us tempted to misuse the authority given. Looking forward to the next part.
  • Finally, CNN has found a worthy educational program working wonders in rehab for young offenders in VT. Just like the problems I have with using the term "community service" for community restitution, I'm not sure I like having offenders "sentenced" to school, but it probably won't be that unfamiliar a concept to many. Does sound like a remarkable program. Why don't we ever hear about vouchers or charter schools for kids like these?

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