Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good Posts at Sentencing Law and Policy

As you await the second set of playoff games today, drive by Doug Berman's place and check out his great catches of an incisive analysis of the negative impact of "worst case," "one size fits all" policymaking in CA (and everywhere else), a good summary of the recent legislatively-mandated audit of OK's DOC, and proof positive of what I've been saying here for a long time--the Clintons will be written up in history as a couple of the silliest yet most destructive policymakers in corrections sentencing in our history (why are they considered so intelligent, again? I've always had a hard time seeing it, but then we always tend to mistake verbal facility (!) and testing well with intelligence instead of cleverness and memory). I'll say one thing about the OK DOC audit. The DOC director embraced the audit and emphasized full cooperation and transparency throughout. The result was a resounding endorsement of more resources and more careful policymaking. Just a tip for those who still adhere to the "oh, no, if we tell stuff, it'll hurt us" school of thought.