Monday, January 14, 2008


Really, really provocative stuff over at Doug Berman’s Sentencing Law and Policy. He’s found even more to think about regarding the possible use of the Second Amendment by offenders receiving longer sentences for gun possession, including the government’s apparent claim that being a felony means you’re no longer a “person” under our Constitution. And you’ll find this article on microchip implants proposed for probationers and parolees in Britain, just as we’ve always argued would be the path of TECHNOCORRECTIONS here. It’s not far from the chip implants to drug implants to control behavior, too. Ironically, once again, someone like Huckabee might end up being a strong opponent to the implant notion simply because so many Fundamentalists are already seeing it as a possible government move to “the mark of the beast,” at least in areas like my state. Good way to get your week started. [Here you can find out about possible use of GPS on juveniles in MD. Think an implant would become a status symbol, the new tattoo, for teens?]

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