Saturday, May 05, 2007

Let's Put Mom in Jail, Too

I promised to reconsider my endorsement of a quote noting how sports, acting, and celebrity types get more chances in our cj system than those of us less notable if Paris Hilton managed to get some jail time for her flaunting disregard of the state's denial of her driving privileges. Okay, she's got 45 days, claims she didn't know she was doing anything wrong, whatever. Martha survived, Paris will, probably come out with a few BFFs. Proof rich and poor both can't sleep on park benches. But read her mom's behavior in the courtroom and ask how seriously the wealthy take our system and those who do have to go through it without a mansion waiting for them when they get out. I'm not big on use of prison cells for people who can be reformed without them, but I don't think there's a harsh enough sentence for people like this. Here's hoping her vapid daughter actually does learn a lesson that will take her off the road to her mom.

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