Friday, May 25, 2007


Microchips in offenders. Passed the Senate in OK but failed in the House. Not sure if constitutional. Will be back . . . and other places. Not sure how effective it would be? Wait until you get the sales pitch adding on WiFi and RFID tech. The train's comin'. Our officials wouldn't force offenders to participate. Tell that to the mentally ill in El Paso. (h/t Think Outside the Cage)

Have a good holiday.

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JSN said...

I tease underage drinkers that we will implant a chip in their butt so that when the doorkeeper at the bar waves a wand past their butt it will turn red indicating they are under the legal age to drink. They tell me they are terrified that someone will actually do that.

I was joking but evidently the Oklahoma wing-nuts are serious.