Wednesday, January 02, 2008

DWI Court in Minneapolis

Good if short article on the successful implementation of a DWI court in Minneapolis. Usual plotline of successful offenders, how the court works, surprise of would-be opponents. I was particularly struck by this quote from a victims’ advocate: "My life has always been about wanting to throw the pigs in jail," Gehrman-Driscoll said. "But if we can keep them off the bottle, then we won't see them back in the courtroom." While I’m generally a fan of tougher laws against drunk drivers, it’s this kind of backhanded “I’m good, you’re evil” view of the world that warns us that these folks should be kept away from microphones and out of the committee rooms when those laws are made. Thank goodness there are really good victims’ advocates out there who do understand that. Coincidentally, they also get more done and implemented, in my experience.

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