Monday, December 04, 2006

Around the Blogs 12-04-06

Sex Crimes Blog lets us know that it's not just prosecutors and law enforcers in IA warning people about the unworkabilit of the state's new residency restrictions on child sex offenders. The state's Association of Counties is calling for "no loitering" restrictions around child-prevalent areas instead. The way the current law works, they say, "it turns [the offenders] loose into areas where no one can keep track of them." . . . Real Cost of Prisons posts an extremely good article on the impact of immigrants on crime rates. Good studies show that immigrants keep crime down, probably because of the closeness of the families. Reviews the evidence and criticisms in excellent detail. . . . Real Cost also notes that NM, despite having a sentencing commission, is looking at increased costs and bedspace needs, with a governor who says he won't build more prisons. (A private one coming online in 2008, though. How conveeeeenient.)

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