Thursday, December 07, 2006

Around the Blogs 12-07-06

Prevention Works has been on a roll lately, this time looking at Native Americans, meth, and the actions underway to break the connection between the first two. Good resources if you want to follow up, too. . . .Via MySpace creating tech to block convicted sex offenders from participating in the site, mainly by hooking up to registry sites. As I mentioned below in "News," however, there's no logical reason to limit the matchups just to sex offender registries if there are lawbreakers to catch. In fact, Grits for Breakfast already finds it going on, with attendant problems and questions. My basic fear here is this: history shows well that, if tech can be used wrongly and safeguards aren't carefully thought through and implemented as it goes into effect, then it will be used wrongly. And history also doesn't smile on people who "trusted authorities" to do the right thing. One more time--we need to start dealing seriously with "technocorrections" now.

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