Thursday, December 14, 2006


While I recover from two full days of reentry training, please visit Kim's interesting post on prisons and small towns below, which includes info on towns and private prisons that I have great familiarity (personal and now statistical) with. And here are a few posts that will continue your interest:
  • Doug Berman catches a nice article on how the (im)maturity of teen brains is popping up as a possible factor at trial. As we all know from Edward Levi's intro to legal reasoning, it doesn't take long for these things to fuzz up and bleed into findings no one predicted, opening the door for the MRIs and other technocorrections concerns we've been raising. (Fuzz and bleed? Sorry. I told you I'm recovering.)
  • Real Cost of Prisons has a couple of good items--one on the $500 m. CO needs to house its 5000 new inmates in the near future and one on Marc Mauer's latest "incarceration nation" piece.
  • And here's an interesting piece. Turns out that OK is facing a major prison population problem and is considering structured sentencing as a means of dealing with it . . . sorta what got me to go to work for its sentencing commission in . . . 1995. If you're wondering how I got that giant bruise and soft spot in the middle of my forehead, well, now maybe . . . .

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