Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thinking Outside the Cage

While some of us may have been watching football today, others have been continuing that quest for ultimate corrections sentencing knowledge and dissemination. One such soul has been Pam Clifton over at Think Outside the Cage, with a bunch of great finds, including this one detailing what's facing us as our prison population ages and multiplies the cost of maintaining them beyond anything we're talking about now, this op-ed on addressing the root causes for black anger and reaction which manifest themselves in prison pop growth that wouldn't stop even if we did get rid of any and all discrimination in our system (which Ben also notes below), and this coverage of Obama's recent speech on corr sent reform and his history on the topic as a state legislator in IL, among other posts. Thanks for doing our work for us, Pam.

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Christie Donner, Ex. Director and Pamela Clifton, Outreach Coordinator said...

I was watching football too Mike, but I am a Raiders fan, so I am used to trying to do something else while the game is on....thanks for you comments!!