Friday, January 04, 2008


Anne Reed at Deliberations tries to take some of our pain out of her declaration that she’s going to stop blogging daily with an introduction to Court-o-Rama, a cool new blog with an attitude that you’ll likely like. Here’s a piece today on the rationality and intelligence that goes into judicial selection in CO, with this teaser:

According to a survey conducted by the League of Women Voters and IAALS, Coloradoans are relatively uninformed about the workings of the courts.

This is bad news in a state with judicial retention elections. Fifty-two percent of respondents who voted in judicial retention elections report having done so without adequate information. Of those identifying themselves as uninformed:

28% voted to retain all judges
24% voted randomly for or against
16% voted to remove all judges
10% voted on the basis of gender or surname

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Greg said...

No question about it, Court-O-Rma is cutting edge.