Thursday, November 09, 2006

Around the Blogs 11-09-06

From Crim Law, we get a link to this review of "Beyond Conviction," a documentary on victims of violent crime and the important role of restorative justice in helping them. . . . Speaking of making offenders feel the effect of their actions, Prevention Works weighs in on the topic of shaming, as we've discussed here, adding some drubbing to that idiot judge a few posts back who shamed AND incarcerated. (And thanks for the mention, PW.) . . . Doug Berman notes that the just-passed CA initiative that effectively forbids sex offenders any place to live is now under court review. I had a con law seminar in grad school in which the professor tried to sell us that initiatives, being direct democracy, should not be subject to judicial activism. Made an A, not real proud of it. . . . Why was this, and all these laws, bad policy? How about this quote of an IA policeman, from Governing? "When [sex offenders] call and ask where they can legally live, my response is, 'Do you know anybody in Nebraska'?" Sums up the whole deliberately irresponsible pretend policy better than any essay could, doesn't it?

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