Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News of the Day 11-14-06

Remember a couple of decades ago when so much of many correctional agendas was set by lawsuits? Well, it's one way to slice the Gordian Knot, maybe the only real weapon in the quiver right now. And policymakers might welcome "activist courts." . . . Here, MI has been told to end its "torture" restraint and to create a viable mental health plan for its inmates. . . . Here, CA inmates are suing to put a cap on the state's prison population saying the crowding causes cruel and unusual punishment. And they may have some stats to sell their case. . . . And prison rapes in WA may also move things along. . . . Of course, sex outside the prison walls will remain a concern. In WV, they're dealing with the familiar "what do we do with these violent child sex offenders after they've served their term" problem. Too familiar, maybe, but still worth reading. . . . While in IA, police are complaining that enforcing the more restrictive sex offender laws is too hard, costly, and time-consuming. Again, familiar, a little Gordian Knot all of its own. Which means . . . "activist judges" "interfering" again????

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