Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News of the Day 11-29-06

Heroin use is going back up in IN and, according to this story, around the country. This article does a nice job with the quotes and information to give you a sense of how the heroin market ebbs and flows and why users keep in it. The comments from one user on what she's done and why to be a user are sad, frightening, and the reason why this drug is so dangerous (h/t CrimProf Blog). . . . More reason to be anti-cigarette. Teen smokers have a higher risk for alcohol problems, even controlling for amount of alcohol consumed. Speculation that there may be a genetic predisposition, according to the article in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, meaning you know what might be a way to deal with future abuse . . . technocorrections. . . . U of Amsterdam researchers find that ecstacy use can have neurotoxic effects even for first-time users, including neuron damage, depression, memory impairment, etc. . . . And an Indiana U School of Medicine study says that teens who play violent video games show increased activity in brain areas associated with emotional arousal and decreased responses in areas of self-control, which may lead to violent or aggressive behavior. And what do they recommend? That famous old standby for everyone who ever finished a research paper . . . more research on the topic.

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