Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two More Non-Barking Dogs

I started to write up my own thoughts on this but decided I'd settle for provoking yours. I've mentioned before here that it's the dogs that don't bark that tend to interest me more, and, in that light, here are two questions I'd like you to ponder:

1. Why haven't all state courts in this country already had sentencing information systems for decades?
2. Why is there no national organization for corrections department researchers?

The answers to both questions are basically the same, I think. So, when we criticize or ridicule policymakers and the public (and we d0) for courses of action so counterproductive and cost-ineffective as the bulk of US crim just policy, what's the answer to who's responsible? (It's not as easy as it sounds since, as I've insisted, policymakers and the public should never be exempted from common sense and from demanding good information before acting.)

Thoughts provoked? Care to comment?

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